Melanie Stones: when a down to earth reach for the sky!

Melanie Stones: when a down to earth reach for the sky!


For her parents and friends, the professional path Mélanie should follow was quite clear: pursue a bachelor’s degree in Science and Engineering at a renown university. She was said to be one of the lucky ones who would follow a straight line to a brilliant and successful career.

For her, however, it was a less attractive perspective. Yes, she does not hide it, she loved (and still adores) mathematics and could boast of hitting extremely high marks in physics … and at the same time, Mélanie dreamed of being a hairdresser …

Mélanie appreciated the beautiful: she wanted to create and offer the beautifulthe beauty!

I can already hear you. We can create in all areas you would say. Yes, you are right. In fact, this is exactly what she told herself, believed and did, for nearly 20 years, as an actuary, following the accumulation of two bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering and actuarial science. Whew! Quite a brain this girl!

“Back then, I always felt that something was missing. I was missing something… I was missing the creative side, the possibility to offer the beautiful, to do the beautiful… like a crying need to give the gift of beauty”, she confides to me.

What you don’t know is that when she was young, Mélanie spent hours drawing and doing arts & craft. She loved to explore new DIY techniques with different materials, sometimes including small rocks from the Lake. Not only did it give her a tremendous feeling of pleasure, peace and accomplishment, but it also gave her the opportunity to share her know-how with classmates from her neighborhood of Alma in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-. Jeans. And that, even today when she thinks about it, fills her heart with joy: she offered beauty.

Back to the Future

It was at the age of 42, in 2014 to be exact, that Mélanie’s straight line course made a sharp “U Turn”.

Fascinated by the science behind what makes a great branding, and without any specific plan, she decided to follow her guts, and start a business to create a brand of her own of… something.

Its at this very pivotal stage of her life, that the young mother resigned as an Asset Management Consultant to enroll in entrepreneurship courses.

The down to earth Cartesian had just decided to reach for the stars and design her life!

The Spark

With no safety net other than her personal savings and a certificate in entrepreneurship, Mélanie is in search of the perfect business idea that will allow her to rediscover the emotions she experienced when she was young when she offered her crafts and drawings to her parents and friends.

It was on January 8, 2015, sitting in front of her computer, that the long-awaited click occurred as a picture of a row of fine stones caught her attention: “This is it! I’m going to make jewelry like that, with that!” She then said to herself

Just as you would expect from a scientist,  Mélanie immediately began a series of research and visits to shops and museums to understand and analyze what was available on the market and possible to do with fine stones and pearls.

Like the Fabergé, which particularly fascinated her, Mélanie wanted her brand, Melanie Stones, to stand out as much for its uniqueness, as for its beauty.

Quite a mission!

Pearls, what a classic! They represent beauty, class itself, and are forever associated with Coco Chanel (1883), Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy, all born in 1929, Lady Diana (1961), Michelle Obama (1964) and more recently, associated to Angelina Jolie, born in 1975, and Anne Hathaway (1982).

… and at the same time, Mélanie cannot help but notice that the way they are presented is always quite similar … Same thing for fine stones.

Following this personal observation, she gives herself a rather ambitious mission to rejuvenate their image while maintaining their sacred, classic and elegant side.


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Long necklace and bracelet composed of multi-pink freshwater pearls


Her mission in a few words? She wants to offer perfection. Better yet, she wants to offer a unique perfection to each of her clients.

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Pink freshwater pearl pendant

Evoke Emotions

Through her feelings and her in-depth knowledge of gemstones and pearls, Mélanie has succeeded in creating a feeling of uniqueness among her customers. Each bracelet, long and short necklaces, pendant or earrings are designed by Mélanie herself!

She meticulously chooses, one by one, each of the stones and pearls so that they are perfectly matched to each other, to offer to each of her client an incredibly unique experience.

Mélanie particularly enjoys mixing her favorites, the freshwater and Tahitian pearls, to create jewelry bearing her signature, which she likes to refer to as modern and urban.

Trusting her instincts, her creations are always perfectly balanced.


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Matte garnet bracelet for men


Her creations are sometimes composed of extremely rare stones, such as pietersite, dumortierite, kyanite and pink opal, or with some more known ones such as jasper, quartz and lapis lazuli.

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Duo of “I choose peace” bracelets


She aims to further personalize the great classics by arranging them differently, while making us discover new, more modern stones and pearls.

Time and Time Again Confirmation

Melanie Stones will soon be celebrating 6 years of existence. Six years!!!

The one who gave up a successful career to “play with rocks” just can’t get over it!

Not only does she finally feel she is where she belongs, but not a day goes by when she doesn’t get a “Oh Wow!”, “It’s so me! Or a simple “Thank you!” which reminds her, every time, that she made the right decision.


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Duo of “I let go” bracelets


Through her Melanie Stones persona, Mélanie Pilote has won her bet of offering beauty, perfection, pleasure and emotion.


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Duo of “I trust myself” bracelets


Her clients do not order a sodalite bracelet, they order the “Sincerity” bracelet, the “I let go” duo or this splendid pink pearl, symbol of love, sensuality, and femininity … They order a force that is high in signification or desire to acquire more of.

Today, Melanie Stones is a registered trademark with a crystal-clear vision, and her clients and ambassadors, as Mélanie calls them, wear her creations proudly.  Melanie Stones.

No need to further explain why…

Her new goal: to offer the exceptional

I take it you’ve already figured out that we’re talking about a girl who has guts. The little girl from the Lake has not said her last words and promises to impress, with this time… diamonds!

Recently certified on faceted diamonds, Mélanie wants to offer, in her own way, the symbol of eternal love, to oneself and to each other. “I really feel ready for this next step. Since the beginning of this adventure, I knew that I wanted to go there, to offer the ultimate stone, the Diamond.” She said to me with great pride.

“Even though I had my doubts at times, I knew I was going to get there. It really represents a big milestone, something important for me to move on to diamonds. ”

She continues, “What has been difficult for me in the past is other people’s gaze on the actuary girl who dropped everything to go make jewelry. Some people judged me, let me down, did not believe in me. I never stopped believing in my project however, and so it is a very gratifying feeling to see, that today, I realize my dream, and that Melanie Stones stands out so much! ”

“Beyond all this, the most important thing, is that I share my passion and that I have the privilege of offering my customers a truly unique experience by creating personalized jewelries that are in complete harmony with their essence. I also feel blessed to have exceptional people around me who have the same vision. With time and perseverance, everything falls into place. Like I often say, building a business is a long marathon! I am really lucky to be where I am today. ”

And there is much to be proud of! I believe that luck, yes, but above all, its her unparalleled know-how, her listening skills and her resilience as an entrepreneur that made all the difference.

Mélanie now offers quite unique diamond creations (as you would have guessed!), composed of white, yellow, or pink diamonds, to name a few, of all sizes, shapes, and for all budgets.

With her new collection “Diamonds by Melanie Stones”, we can expect new wonders, such as, for example, these yellow and white diamond earrings, a creation recently designed for a client.


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Yellow and white diamond earrings


Accompanied by a lifetime warranty, like all her other jewels, the designer takes great pride in offering creations of the highest quality, which rival other major jewelry houses.

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1 carat diamond solitaire pendant, another creation by Mélanie


Her new personal goal? She wants to offer the exceptional … and I have no doubt, not even a tiny one, that this bet, she will win it too!



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The most feminine solitaire diamond earrings


Already the darling of some well-known Quebec personalities, Melanie Stones will continue to make us shine for a very long time, I guarantee it!

Stay tune…

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